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  • One Team, Many Locations Many Tasks, Great Results

    A Location Based Intelligence and Team Managment Platform

  • Mobile Live Reporter
    No Trucks, No Cables

    Anyone can deliver the live video, photo and audio stream to the headquarters in a secure way.

  • Thousands of Reporters, Billions of News Content to Manage & Distribute

    Wireum, the most advanced news flow system specially designed for news production and distribution.

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A Location Based Intelligence and Team Managment Platform


Dooing enables you to assign field tasks to the closest member of your team, gives you notification when the team member arrived to the location of assigned task.

You can also locate and track your team members on the map in realtime.Location based task management will utilize your field force in optimum way.

This is not just a task management & coordination system. With it's information sharing capabilities, any intelligence can be shared with a group of people internally in a secure way. In this way you can watch the intels realtime, create and assign tasks to the closest team member easily.

As a result it improves efficiency in the team and increases your customer’s satisfaction.


  • Time saving on coordination between team members and location aware tasks
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Fast task planning and assignment
  • Precise workforce management
  • Enhancement on sales/support volume
  • Security for the team members who works on critical areas
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Mobile Live Reporter

Speed and time is the most valuable parameters for the reporters to deliver the video, photo or audio of the breaking news.

We can't predict when the news will find us so we don't want to be unprepared. With this platform anyone can deliver the live video, photo and audio stream to the headquarters in a secure way. It's like having a OB Van assigned to each reporter.

Our platform provides reporter's realtime location and starts a recording of the stream on headquarters while giving you low latency.

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  • Citizenship Journalism Platform

    We will be announcing something cool.You will be very surprised.

  • Crowd Tagging

    You can let your audience to tag themselves socially using our platform. All you need is to have a Gigapixel Photography which we can provide you as a service.

  • Mass Video & Audio Transcoding, Hassle Free

    Do you have mass content to transcode into different formats? We can help you.



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